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Brief Introduction of Chongqing

Located in the southwestern part of China and in the economic nucleus region of the upper Yangtze River, Chongqing is the youngest municipality directly under the leadership of central government of China. It covers an area of 82,400 square kilometers and has a population of 30 millions.
The transportation in Chongqing is very convenient. It is the only transportation junction in the western China, which features the land, water and air communication facilities. Several railway and highway main stems across the country meet here, and the fleet with the capacity of 3,000 tons can sail upriver along the Yangtze River to Chongqing. There are over 50 domestic and international air routes and more than 100 deluxe cruisers sailing on the Yangtze River. It only takes one hour and fifty minutes from Chongqing to Beijing and Shanghai, and one hour and thirty minutes to Hongkong and Guangzhou.
Industry is the mainstay of Chongqing’s economy. Its pillar industries include machinery, chemicals, metallurgy, light industry, textile, construction materials, etc. In addition, Chongqing is provided with the most advanced manufacturing abilities and actually one of the largest manufacturing bases in China, including motorcycle, automobile, instrument, precise chemical engineering, large-capacity transformers as well as Chinese herb medicines, etc.
Chongqing has a large rural area where is abundant with minerals including coal, natural gas, manganese, mercury, aluminum and strontium. It is one of the richest mineral reserve areas in the big cities of China.
With natural scenes mingled into humane landscapes, Chongqing’s tourist resources are comprehensive and widespread. The enchanting night view of the city, the praised historical relics of the There Kingdoms Period, the elegant Dazu stone carving and the majestic Three Gorges along the Yangtze River are attracting numerous tourists both from home and abroad.
With the continuous reforming and opening to outer world policy and the opportunity of becoming the youngest municipality of China, along with the project of developing the western parts of the country, Chongqing has been becoming the multi-functional modern industrial-and-commercial city in the west part of China. It is now showing its attractive charms full with passion and elegant gracious manner.