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Peru’s Ambassador to China Mr.Juan carlos capuñay and The Secretary General Mr Yu Yanzhong Visit CMMC

Date:Dec 9,2015

On the 24th of Nov 2015, before the opening of Fourth Pacific Alliance Investment Forum, Peru’s Ambassador to China Mr Juan carlos capuñay and the Secretary General of China Entrepreneurs Thought Club (Thereafter referred to CETC) Mr Yu Yanzhong visited CMMC and held a meeting with company leaders. CETC’s Presiding Chairman Zhou Li, Chairman Hou Yihong, Zhang Jianwei, Zhou Fei, Cai Weichang and etc. participated the meeting.

On behalf of the leadership company general manager Liu Ming expressed a warm welcome to the Secretary General Yu Yanzhong and Ambassador Juan carlos capuña. He introduced history of CMMC over the last thirty decades, especially emphasized those major engineering projects and on-going projects on China-proposed Belt and Road covering industries from chemical, energy, light industry to building construction materials and so on. Meanwhile, Mr. Liu Ming also introduced to Ambassador Juan carlos capuña CMMCs current business cooperations with Peru.

After listening General Manager Liu Mings introduction, Perus Ambassador to China Mr. Juan carlos capuña also pointed out current investment projects and related policies in Peru and invited CMMC to participate national infrastructure construction.

On behalf of Presidium, Sectary General Yu Yanzhong gave a summary speech. He said that due to the Fourth Pacific Alliance Investment Forum, they had the opportunity to visit CMMC and it is very glad to learn that CMMC has been under a rapid development in recent years. This proves state-own, private, individual and other kind of ownerships could all form their own competitive advantages in socialist market economy. He also mentioned that many members of CETC, locating in small and medium sized business category, had the intent to seek opportunities to go abroad and develop potential marks. Therefore, he hoped more interaction and cooperation between CMMC and its member enterprises could be achieved and hopefully under the experience of CMMC more enterprises could finally extend their market abroad.

CMMCs President Hu Xiahua and major top management team participated the meeting. After the Meeting a group photo was taken.


CETC Presidium, Ambassador Juan carlos capuña (Middle), Sectary General Yu Yanzhong (Right five), Liu Ming (Left five), Hu Xiao Hua (Left four) and so on


Liu Ming(Left one) and Ambassador Juan carlos capuña(Rignt one) exchange presents


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