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CMMC held 2016 annual working conference

Date:Jan 25,2016

On January 22, 2016, Chongqing Minmetal and Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd. held its 2016 annual work conference. In the morning company leaders, middle-level cadres and department heads held a managerial meeting.  In the afternoon a staff meeting was held during which the Party branch , League branch and trade union each gave their annual work report.

At the meeting, the company's general manager Liu Ming delivered an in-depth and mission-specific annual business report. The main business targets and some big events in 2015 were reviewed. At the same time, the main problems, difficulties and challenges faced by the company were profoundly analyzed. The main business objectives of the company in 2016 were put forward, i.e. transformation and upgrading and taking the path of "quality improvement". Work plans were unveiled for fast landing of offshore projects, project reserves, the company's trade sectors organizational structure adjustment, the formation of human resources management department, human resources construction and other key work. Liu called on all staff to follow the "thirteenth five-year development plan of the company", improve the quality of development and development efficiency, be united, go all out for the full completion of the annual business objectives and tasks! 

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Party Branch Hu Xiaohua made a report entitled "Recognizing the New Situation and Realizing New Breakthroughs to Showcase New Achievements as an International Enterprise for Sustainable Development", summarizing the work of party building in 2015 , Hu put forward that in 2016 the party branch must give full play to the political core role of the leadership and do the best to serve the core of economic development, strengthen the grassroots party organizations and leadership team building, focus on the group work of party building objectives. Vice president, trade union chairman Liu Chonghai entitled "Analyze innovation, Create a new situation of the trade union, Add vitality to the development of the company" . Liu reviewed the 2015 trade unions work and put forward that in 2016 in order to achieve the development goals of the company, the trade union must enhance their own construction, make the company home-like for the staff and promote a new vision. Secretary of the League branch Guo Lishuang made annual work report. The report summed up what the league branch had done in 2015 and put forward that in 2016 the League branch should organize educational activities, strengthen the training of young talents, and be the party's good assistant and reserve army.

 The conference also commended excellent departments and outstanding individuals of the Company in 2015. The Finance Department, the General Administration Department won the honorary title of "Excellent Department of 2015". Liao Qiang, Raoqian, Tang Fanli, Huang Yu, Yang Liu, Zhong Yuanmei won the honorary title of "Excellent individual in 2015".

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