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CMMC Carried Out Outward Bound on Youth Day

Date:May 6,2016

In order to promote the corporate culture, enhance the cohesion of the team, and cultivate the ability of young employees to unite and cooperate to further explore their potential. On May 4, 2016, the company organized a group of young employees to carry out outdoor training in Qiyuan expansion training base.

Participants were divided into two teams and a competitive mechanism was introduced. Through activities of "team adjustment, ice-breaking", "inspiring people", "dragon out of the sea",  "Challenge No.1", collective wisdom and the potential of team members were fully explored. Trust between young employees and team spirit were also cultivated. Throughout the process, participants need to face the tasks of different difficulties, different challenges. Such tense environment fully engaged each employee who were unprecedentedly united and had very high morale.

This event fully mobilized the enthusiasm of young employees, explored the potential of young employees. While relaxing their body, trust between colleagues was deepened, the team cohesion was enhanced, and the ability to deliver of young employees was improved.


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