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CMMC held 2017 annual working conference

Date:Jan 16,2017

On the afternoon of January 13, 2017, Chongqing Minmetal and Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd. held its 2017 annual working conference. The company leadership and the staff all attended.

At the meeting, general manager Liu Ming delivered an in-depth annual business report. He reported on the completion of the main business targets in 2016, highlighted the major events influencing the development of the Company in 2016, evaluated the achievements and shortcomings of the subsidiaries and management departments, and analyzed in detail the major problems faced by the Company. Liu also put forward the company's main business objectives and work methods in 2017 and called on all employees to follow the"13th Five-Year Development Plan", stay firm and confident and maintain strength. He said we must control risks, effectively improve the quality and economic efficiency, properly respond to risks and challenges, enhance new development energy, add new management power and strive for the full completion of the 2017 annual business objectives and tasks.

Liu Chonghai, deputy general manager of the company and chairman of the trade union, gave a report on the trade union's work, reviewed the accomplishments and innovations made by the trade union in 2016, and pointed out where further progress and improvements were needed. He emphasized that in 2017 the company trade union will strengthen its self-construction, build a good home for the employees, carry out cultural activities and organize safety knowledge training and competition in line with company policy, and actively give suggestions to the company for better development. Company League branch secretary Guo Lihuang reported on the annual work, sort out what the company League branch had done in the past year, and put forward that in 2017 the League branch will carry out youth education activities for young people to create a good environment for the growth of young people as well as promote physical and mental health, all under the leadership of party branch and for the purpose of better company management.

Deputy General Manager of the Company, Mr. Lei Liyun and Mr. Xu Yueying respectively gave the 2016 Annual Work Summary on behalf of Chongqing Minmetal Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Minmetal Energy Co., Ltd. The Company's Finance Department, General Business Management Department and General Administration Department gave their work report respectively. They summarized the achievement of 2016, analyzed the existing problems and put forward the goals and ideals of 2017.

The meeting also commended excellent teams and individuals in 2016. Liu Lijia, Zhao Quanbin, Fu Zhonghua, Yangliu, Chen Aili and Zhong Yuanmei received the honorary title of "Excellent Individual of the Company in 2016". The title of "Excellent Team of the Company in 2016" went to the Finance Department and Minmetal Energy Company, while the "Special Contribution Award" went to Miss Tang Fanlei of CMETC.


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